Special Services

We offer the following special services subject to payment of a nominal fee as listed below:

-   Unaccompanied Minors under 12 years – WST50.00 from Fagalii or Faleolo to Pago Pago and USD50.00 from Pago Pago to Fagalii or Faleolo.

-   Wheelchairs – WST50.00 for use and boarding out of Fagalii Airport or Faleolo International Airport and USD50.00 for use and boarding out of Pago Pago.

-   Surfboard Surcharge – WST120.00 from Fagalii Airport or Faleolo International Airport to Pago Pago and USD50.00 from Pago Pago to Fagalii Airport or Faleolo International.

Special Needs

We provide the following assistance on our flights for passengers with special needs to ensure they have an easy and pleasant journey with us:

Carriage of Children and Infant Passengers

Passengers travelling on our flights must be properly restrained for safety reasons. This includes those classified as infants or children under the age of 12 years. Children aged 2 to 11 years inclusive are required to be seated in their own seats. Infants under the age of 2 years are required to be seated on the accompanying adult’s lap, and be restrained using an extension seat belt looped through the adult’s fastened seat belt. Our safety policy does not permit children and infant passengers to be seated anywhere near the exits doors onboard our aircraft.

An adult may only travel with a maximum of 2 infants provided the first infant sits on the adult's lap, while the second infant occupies a seat and be restrained using the proper restraint seat belt provided.

Bassinets and Strollers

Due to space limitation on our Twin Otter aircraft, bassinets and strollers cannot be carried onboard. These items must be checked-in and carried in the aircraft hold and will form part of an infant’s checked baggage allowance.

Children travelling alone (Unaccompanied minors)

Children can travel alone on Polynesian Airlines’ services if they are aged between 7 to 11 years inclusive. Children under the age of 7 years must travel together with a either a parent or an accompanying adult aged 16 years and over known to the child.

Incapacitated guests

Incapacitated guests are those who, because of their medical, physical or mental condition, require individual attention to ensure they have an easy and pleasant journey with us. As we do not offer inflight services onboard our flights, any incapacitated passenger travelling with a medical condition must ensure our approved Medical Information Form is completed by a medical doctor and submitted to us at the time of booking. Incapacitated guests who are unable to board and disembark from the aircraft on their own must, in addition to completing our approved Medical Information Form, travel together with an adult relative to provide assistance inflight.

We can assist by providing a ‘meet and assist’ and use of a wheelchair at the point of departure and arrival. For more information, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Elderly persons

We also provide assistance for our elderly passengers in the form of a ‘meet and assist’ and use of a wheelchair at the point of departure and arrival. Please ask our Airport staff for assistance.

Expectant mothers

Expectant mothers in normal pregnancy and good health may travel with Polynesian Airlines up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy provided a medical certificate with a declaration ‘fit for travel’ is presented at check-in and a written authorization from the American Samoan government allowing entry into the territory.


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