We offer a competitive range of one-way and roundtrip fares available all year round to suit your travel needs, whether you are travelling on your own or with young children under the age of 12 years.

Passenger Types

  • Adult passenger – from 12 years

  • Child passenger – from 2 to 11 years inclusive

  • Infant passenger – under 2 years

Sales Fares

Available until sold out

DestinationAdultChildInfantTax info
Fagalii - Pago Pago - Fagalii (WST)WST380WST330WST101.25Includes taxes/surcharges and Fagalii Airport's AFC
Pago Pago - Fagalii - Pago Pago (USD)USD155USD130USD40.50Includes taxes/surcharges and Fagalii Airport's AFC

One Way Fares

Available all year round

DestinationAdultChildInfantTax info
Fagalii - Pago Pago (WST)WST245WST195WST45Includes taxes/surcharges and Fagalii Airport's AFC
Pago Pago - Fagalii (USD)USD85USD85USD22.50Includes taxes/surcharges
Pago Pago - Fagalii - Pago Pago (USD)USD150USD135USD40.50Includes taxes/surcharges and Fagalii Airport's AFC

Taxes and Surcharges

All our fares include applicable taxes and surcharges levied by the respective government authorities of Samoa and American Samoa and the Airport Facility Charge payable at Fagalii Airport which applies to adult and children passengers aged 2 years and above. Infant passengers under the age of 2 years are exempt from paying the Airport Facility Charge.

Change and Cancellation Fees

Once you have purchased your ticket, the following penalty fees will apply for any changes to your booking or if you decide to cancel your flight:

WST50.00 per change for Fagalii/Pago Pago fares payable in Samoan Tala

USD22.00 per change for Pago Pago/Fagalii fares payable in US Dollars

Infants under the age of 2 years are exempt from paying any fees for booking changes and cancellations.

Fare Upgrades

Fare upgrades will apply for any booking changes involving special fares plus the applicable change fee.

Important Note

All our fares, taxes and surcharges are subject to increase without notice. If you are not sure, please check with your nearest Polynesian Airlines’ office or alternatively email us on enquiries@polynesianairlines.com

Group Bookings

We provide competitive fares for groups of 10 or more travelling together. Our group fares are normally cheaper than our published fares and sale fares. Group members travelling together are allowed to pool their baggage allowance provided they check-in together as a group. Please email us on enquiries@polynesianairlines.com for more details.

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash : Samoan Tala if purchasing tickets in Samoa or US Dollars if purchasing tickets in American Samoa.

  • Credit Cards : VISA and MasterCard

The use of credit cards where the card is not present requires the completion of an approved airline form for security reasons. Please email us for assistance on enquiries@polynesianairlines.com

Important Note

For security reasons, please make sure you ask for an official Company receipt for any cash payments you give our staff or your Customer Copy of any credit card payments made to Polynesian Airlines. Should you leave our office without your receipt and later on a dispute arises on the payment of your airfares or any other products and services you purchased from us, we reserve the right to request full payment from you and will not enter into any dispute unless you produce the official receipt issued to you by the Company.