Refund Policy

Our fares are non-refundable once tickets have been purchased even if you end up not travelling. If you change your travel plans and cancel your flight voluntarily, we will place the remaining value of your cancelled flight segment after our cancel fee has been deducted into a voucher which you can use for future travel on any Polynesian Airlines’ flight within 12 months from your original book date. Unused vouchers will expire after 12 months and will automatically have no value. Vouchers are transferable subject to the written agreement of the passenger.

For involuntary cancellations due to flight disruptions, please email us directly on

No-show Policy

In line with standard airline practice, our no-show policy can result in you losing fifty percent (50%) of the base fare of the flight segment you no-showed on plus the applicable cancellation fee. A passenger will be classified as having no-showed on a flight if he or she turns up at the check-in counter after the flight has closed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight, even if the aircraft has not physically departed a particular airport.

Change and Cancellation Fees

Once you have purchased your ticket, the following penalty fees will apply for any changes to your booking or if you decide to cancel your flight:

WST50.00 per change for Fagalii/Faleolo-Pago Pago-Fagalii/Faleolo fares payable in Samoan Tala

USD22.00 per change for Pago Pago-Fagalii/Faleolo-Pago Pago fares payable in US Dollars

Infants under the age of 2 years are exempt from paying any fees for booking changes and cancellations.

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash : Samoan Tala (WST) if purchasing tickets in Samoa or US Dollars (USD) if purchasing tickets in American Samoa.
  • Credit Cards : VISA and MasterCard

The use of credit cards where the card is not present requires the completion of our credit card payment authority form for security reasons. Please email